Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summer reading?

Congratulations to our graduates and to the rest of our majors for completing another year toward your degree! We asked your professors for the book they are most looking forward to reading this summer. Here's what we got. (Some of it's philosophy, some of it's not.)

Matt McCormick
Joshua Carboni
Kyle Swan
Christina Bellon
Randy Mayes
Clovis Karam
Chong Choe-Smith
Saray Ayala-López
Kevin Vandergriff
Russell DiSilvestro
Christian Bauer
Patrick Smith
Phillip Barron
Brad Dowden
Tom Pyne
Jonathan Chen
David Corner
Lynne Fox
Mathias Warnes


  1. A couple more have occurred to me: Daniel Dennett's From Bacteria to Bach and Back, the Evolution of Minds, and Sperber and Mercier's The Enigma of Reason, and Bill Schutt's Cannibalism: a Perfectly Natural History